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Where are you based ?

ECOClassics are based in a village just south of Maldon in Essex. This is the perfect base to serve the London and South East of England but we welcome customers from all over the UK and potentially the world.

How much do conversions cost ?

Each installation is bespoke to the vehicle so cost of the builds are subject to individual quotes but typical costs range from a system for a small classic with an air cooled electric motor system at around £12,000 to systems to replace 400 BHP+ engines in the £50,000 range.

How long do they take ?

Typically a conversion will take 4 to 6 weeks depending on the complexity and the options picked by the customer. Restorations or replica builds will take significantly longer and will need to be assessed before any timing is given.

How far will my classic go on a full charge ?

Driving range is very dependant on the size of the battery, the weight and aerodynamics of the vehicle and the way it is being driven. We would start an estimation using around 27KwH per 100 miles. Our Lotus XI replica has a 33KwH battery but is light and has good aerodynamics so we are getting around 150 miles range (around 22KwH per 100 miles).

How long will it take to charge ?

Charge time is dependant on the size of the battery and the charger used. Typically we will use a 7 Kw single phase charger. This is what the vast majority of home chargers and street chargers supply. The charge time for our Lotus XI replica with a 33KwH battery is just under 5 hours. Note that it is very rare to fully discharge the vehicle so normal charge times will be less than this.

Will I be able to charge it away from home ?

Yes, the standard fitment is a 7Kw on board charger with a Type 2 plug as used at most public and home charge stations.

Will you help me find a classic or replica for conversion ?

We are very happy to work with you to find the perfect vehicle for you and then agree a schedule of works to get it to your specification including the electric conversion.

Can I convert my own car ?

Of course you can!!! That is how ECOClassics was born. We can help you with components and advice to get you started on your build. We would however caution that high voltage systems have the potential to harm and systems need to be handled with care. We would recommend some awareness and handling training before embarking on the build. We can can provide details on this.

Why should I convert my car to electric ?

There are many benefits from the electric conversion, the key ones are outlined below :


  • All year round driving: Many classic cars are only used for recreational outings during the late spring and summer months. Electrification has the potential to get you out enjoying your classic more frequently. 

  • Improved reliability: Once electrified, the car is much more reliable. None of those starting problems and with no warm-up required, they are ready to go immediately, they also don’t overheat on those motorway journeys. 

  • Low Running costs: They require little maintenance and cost around a quarter of the cost to run the original engine. For those living in urban environments the zero emissions status can remove the costs for congestion and low emissions charging.

  • Zero Emissions Motoring: A huge environmental plus, and for those living in urban environments the zero emissions status can remove the costs for congestion and low emissions charging. This also means none of the smells that come with classic car exhausts and no loud exhaust noise, making it a pleasure to drive in these urban environments. When combined with a renewable energy supplier it gives a truly ecological solution to owning a classic. 

  • Improved performance:  All of this comes with an enhancement in performance of the vehicle. Acceleration times come down with no compromise on top speed. You will be able to keep up with the other traffic without worry and range of the vehicle can be managed to your needs with battery capacity.

Any more questions ? Please contact us.

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